Introducing Dong-A Socio Group

‘Socio’ in Latin means “to fulfill social responsibility”.
This resonates with Dong-A Socio Group’s corporate mission to lead social responsibility as a professional healthcare group – including Medical & Digital Healthcare, Consumer, Logistics, IT Service, Engineering businesses – to achieve “lasting happiness and health for humanity”.

Group Affiliates
Under the corporate mission of “an endless challenge for human health and well-being,” Dong-A Socio Group services span from medicines, medical devices, and food & beverage to logistics.
Our commitment to developing biologics and innovative new drugs drives us with a new engine of growth as the Group’s medical sector of businesses deviates from the conventional medicine development and manufacturing to medical services and digital health care services.
  • Holdings Company Holdings Company

    Dong-A Socio Holdings

    A holdings company that governs Dong-A Socio Group, Dong-A Socio Holdings stands on its ‘Stable Core’ and Disruptive Edge’ and ready for the next hundred years.

    Dong-A Socio Holdings HQ Location
  • Dong-A ST Dong-A ST

    Dong-A ST

    Specialized in manufacturing prescribed drugs and medical devices and the related international businesses, Dong-A ST sees its future in biological anti-tumor agents and immune disease therapeutics. Taking advantage of its rich experiences in developing conventional drugs, Dong-A ST is also expanding its footprint in local non-medicine businesses like development of digital healthcare devices.

    Dong-A Pharmaceutical Dong-A Pharmaceutical

    Dong-A Pharmaceutical

    A consumer healthcare company that is best known by its best selling product ‘Bacchus,’ Dong-A Pharmaceutical majorly serve health functional foods and OTC drugs. To meet the growing needs from consumers and taking advantage of its unique pharmaceutical formulation technologies, Dong-A Pharmaceutical spares no effort investing in product R&D, expanding sales platforms, and value-adding therapeutics.

    ST Pharm ST Pharm

    ST Pharm

    An active pharmaceutical ingredient supplier, ST Pharm is the world's leading CDMO of oligonucleotides therapeutics and the Korea’s only CDMO with the fully internalized mRNA platform technologies. ST Pharm is now aiming to become the world's first CDMO for mRNA therapeutics capable of internally sourcing lipid compounds that are used to synthesize lipid nanoparticles.

    STgen Bio STgen Bio

    STgen Bio

    As a contract development and manufacturing organization of biosimilar and pharmaceutical products, STgen Bio’s CDMO services are a comprehensive solution that cover specimens for pre-clinical and clinical researches, antibodies and recombinant protein therapeutics. Advanced drug substance production capabilities and novel modalities like cell & gene therapeutics enable STgen Bio to cover wider antibody therapeutics and establish strategic business plans, helping STgen Bio expand its footprints in the domain of life sciences.

    Dong-A Chammed Dong-A Chammed

    Dong-A Chammed

    A medical equipment manufacturer specialized in facilities for ENT clinics, medical chairs, endoscopic visual solutions, and respiratory care devices, Dong-A Chammed and its distinguished technologies and services have its footprint in more than 70 countries across the world. In fact, consumers meet Dong-A Chammed products also in other brands (OEM, ODM, SKD) as it is working the best to further expand its footprint and improve market shares.

  • Dong-A Otsuka Dong-A Otsuka

    Dong-A Otsuka

    A food and beverage company best known by its steady-selling Pocari Sweat and Narangd Cider, Dong-A Otsuka is innovating at an ever faster rate to meet the changing needs of consumers. Expanding its burlinesses to restaurant operations, catering, snacks, and health functional foods, Dong-A Otsuka continues to develop new products that suit the market's trends.

    Dongcheonsoo Dongcheonsoo


    Headquartered in a place deep inside Songnisan National Park, Dongcheonsoo sources water from the granite areas spanning at 350m above sea level to produce its mineral water products. Having established its third plant in Sangju, Korea, Dongcheonsoo is now expanding its presence as an OEM (canned beverages and PET beverages).

  • Yongma Logis Yongma Logis

    Yongma Logis

    A leader of conventional logistics and fulfillment services, Yongma Logis is now conversing technologies to logistics by establishing its brand-new Hub Center and opening its next-generation logistics systems, while solidifying its established standing as a temperature controlled supply chain provider to prosper in both general logistics and biological shipping logistics.

  • Sooseok Sooseok


    A specialized packaging materials and containers (glass bottles, PET bottles, caps) manufacturer, Sooseok has centralized its management to improve working-level efficiencies to better synergize with the management, leading to enhanced productivities.

  • Korea Sinto Korea Sinto

    Korea Sinto

    A leading mechanical processing service provider and plant facilities manufacturer, Korea Sinto continues researching to serve the customers with the best products and services. Highlighted by its casting businesses serving furan resin molding, automated pouring machines and surface treatment services, Korea Sinto also invests in carbon neutrality and industrial environment modernization to further expand its market shares.

  • DA Information DA Information

    DA Information

    A corporate system integration service provider for Dong-A Socio Group and as a reliable technological assistant for the Group companies, DA Information is expanding its industrial footprint based on its experiences serving the Group companies, by serving the Group’s new business domains like digital healthcare businesses.

  • Aben Engineering & Construction Aben Engineering & Construction

    Aben Engineering & Construction

    A civil engineering and architectural contractor, electric works contractor, fire protection contractor and housing contractor, Aben Engineering & Construction eyes foray into the global market by actively bidding international projects to expand its footprint, materialize the potential projects, and diversify businesses to become an estate developer offering integrated services of estate planning, investment, financing, construction, engineering, operations to ‘grow based on the economy of scale.’

  • Neurobo Neurobo


    A Boston-based NRDO (No Reasearch, Development Only), Neurobo is focusing on development of metabolic disease therapeutics.

    Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co. Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co.

    Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co.

    Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer and seller of the Group’s most famous product Bacchus.

    Levatio Therapeutics Levatio Therapeutics

    Levatio Therapeutics

    San Diego-based Levatio Therapeutics is a researcher and developer of an emerging modality of cell-based therapeutics (CAR-NKT, circ-RNA).

    Vernagen Vernagen


    Atlanta-based Vernagen is a research and developer of an mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.

    Anapath Service Anapath Service

    Anapath Service

    Swiss-based (Basel) Anapath Service is specialized in histopathological and toxicology testings and result analysis services.

    Anapath Research Anapath Research

    Anapath Research

    Spain-based (Barcelona) Anapath Research is a non-clinical trial (animal testing) service provider.