Charter of Ethics and Code of Conduct

Conducting businesses with sincerity and embracement under the founding philosophy of Jeong-Do, Dong-A Socio Group stays responsible and gives back to the society to create bigger values for all of us.

Charter of Ethics
  • 01 Jeong-Do Management Implementation

    In order to practice Jeong-Do Management, acting fairly with the right thinking, Dong-A Socio Group employees do our best to realize human health and happiness.

  • 02 Human Respect Management

    Respect the human rights and value of employees, Dong-A Socio Group employees do our best to welfare for fair personnel and happiness.

  • 03 Social Responsibility Implementation

    Comply with various laws and regulation, Dong-A Socio Group employees do our best to contribute to national economy and social development.

  • 04 Pursue a Trusted company

    To be a trusted company, Dong-A Socio Group employees do our best to ethical act and fair performance of our duties.

  • 05 Enhancement of Stakeholder Value

    Dong-A Socio Group employees do our best to enhance the value of various stakeholders, with sustainable management.

Code of Conduct
  • 1. Preamble
    The purpose of the Dong-A Socio Group Code of Conduct(‘code’) is to stipulate the standards of conduct that all employees must follow.
  • 2. General
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should:
    • 2.1 have pride, self-respect pride, and high ethical values, and do not defame the group or damage our individual dignity.
    • 2.2 perform our duties in a fair and fair manner and comply with laws and regulations.
    • 2.3 not disclose the information of the Group to the outside without prior permission or approval.
    • 2.4 fulfill our duties such as preventing sexual harassment in order to create a healthy workplace atmosphere.
    • 2.5 fulfill our obligations of mutual respect and create a creative and autonomous working environment.
    • 2.6 not give preference to a specific person for reasons such as regionalism, school relations, and kinship.
    • 2.7 not inflict property damages to the Group by using the assets of the Group for private use.
  • 3. Social Responsibility
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should:
    • 3.1 fulfill our responsibilities and duties as a member of the community.
    • 3.2 do our best to make the whole society happy through active participation in social contribution activities for the development of the community and environmental protection.
    • 3.3 realize the value of consideration, service, and thrive together that have been closely related to the founding spirit.
  • 4. Prohibition of graft
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should:
    • 4.1 not engage in mediation or request to impede fair performance for our own or others' unfair advantage.
    • 4.2 not request special consideration for a job position such as promotion and personnel appointment.
  • 5. Prohibition of Acceptance of Financial or other Advantages
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should not exchange gifts, gifts or entertainment from stakeholders.
  • 6. Prohibition of unfair trade practices
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should not make unreasonable demands by using our superior status, and select business partners based on objective and fair examination standards.
  • 7. Donation
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should support charitable works for the public interest in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
  • 8. Responsibility for stockholders
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should provide reliable and transparent information of the company and protect the interests of shareholders faithfully.
  • 9. Report system
    Dong-A Socio Group employees should immediately report to Helpline or Audit Hotline Reporting upon finding out that whoever violated this regulation.
  • 10. etc.
    Inquiries regarding this code should be directed to Dong-A socio group Social responsibility Council secretariat (Holdings Jeong-Do Management Team).