CSR Activities

Dong-A Socio Group finds value of its CSR activities in ‘health, environment, human and society’ and contributes back to the society at where it can serve the best from the perspectives of sustainability and sincerity.


Voluntary Pharmacy Truck

Operating in collaboration with Korean Pharmacy Association Voluntary Pharmacy Truck is a mobile pharmacy truck that supplies emergency medicines to disaster areas and deployed to areas in need of mobile pharmacy services. First deployed to Pohang, Korea in 2017 to help earthquake survivors, the Truck has helped victims of disasters at wildfire disaster areas in Gangwon-do, Korea in 2019, regional COVID-19 treatment centers in 2020, flood-damaged areas in 2020, and wildfire disaster areas in Uljin-si, Korea in 2022 by supplying emergency medicines and daily necessities and will help more disaster victims out across the nation going forward.

Complimentary hormone therapy for short stature in children

Operating in collaboration with Hanmaum Welfare Foundation, Dong-A ST has contributed complimentary hormone therapeutics to the children recommended by the endocrinologists across the nation and shortlisted by the Foundation starting 2013. Children selected for this annual program will receive complimentary annual hormone therapy to treat short stature.

Anti-cancer drug support program for low-income cancer patients

Operating in collaboration with Korea Medical Assistance Foundation, Dong-A ST donates anti-cancer drug expenses to the low-income cancer patients applying to the program to the Foundation and recommended by the specialists across the nation. Since its inception in 2020, the program has contributed to improving accessibility to anti-cancer medicines and solidifying medical safety net.

Donation to help overcome leukemia in children

Since 2018, Dong-A Socio Group selected child leukemia patients for whom the cost of leukemia drug is not affordable. The Group’s effort to help child leukemia patients has never ended up there, as the Group’s employees raised 100 million won by holding themselves ‘:D-style Walking Campaign’ and each professional golfers from Dong-A Professional Golf Team – Park Sang-hyeon, Ham Jeong-woo and Lee Dong-min donated additional 10 million won for donation.

Missionary support to Hebron Medical Center in Cambodia

As a missionary support to Hebron Medical Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a missionary general hospital that has helped ailing people in Cambodia since its inception in 2007, Dong-A Socio Group has done more good for the Cambodian society by supporting medicines, medical supplies, training & education, researches and medical services to the Center.


Dong-A ST Forestation Project

A company-wise voluntary forestation project run by the employees, Dong-A ST Forestation Project helps greenization of the Korea's border area and improve biodiversity. Starting its first campaign in Cheolwon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea in the name of “Forest of Peace” in 2020, the Project is now greenizing a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea since 2022, nearing Jaein Falls, a UNESCO Geopark. Greenizing a forest in Yeoncheon-gun is expected to improve biodiversity by creating habitats for honeybees and birds.

Endangered Species Protection Campaign ‘Save-2-Save’

Led by Dong-A Pharmaceutical and in collaboration with Seoul Grand Park and The National Nature Trust, ‘Save-2-Save’ is funded by a certain percentage of sales of ‘Gargreen Children,’ the company’s mouthwash product for children. For the first two years of the Campaign in 2021 and 2022, Dong-A Pharmaceutical assumed the monetary part by making donations, followed by the employees’ voluntary activities in Seoul Grand Park in 2023. With the sales of ‘Gargreen Children’ trending upward, the company expects that the annual donation will expand.

Campaign to improve waste drug collection management

With more than 4,690 tons of waste drug emitted in Korea and the figure expected to grow to 6,700 tons by the end of 2025 as the society is aging over time, Dong-A Pharmaceutical and Yongma Logis in collaboration with Korean Pharmacy Association entered into a memorandum of understanding to run a campaign to improve waste drug collection management. The campaign comprises Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s collaboration with the local governments and regional pharmacy associations to distribute waste drug collection boxes, Yongma Logis’ collection of waste drugs from pharmacies and transportation of the collected waste drugs to the incineration plants, and the Association’s encouragement of individual pharmacists to help people bring out waste drugs to the pharmacies. The Campaign took its first step in October 2021 when Dong-A Pharmaceutical entered into a memorandum of understanding with Dangjin City Government in Chungcheongnam-do, Korea, followed by entering into another memorandum with Wonju City Government in Gangwon-do, Korea as the campaign is expanding its footprints across the nation.

‘Bring Back the Earth, Circulate Resources’ Campaign

Since 2021, Dong-A Socio Group has sponsored ‘Bring Back Earth, Circulate Resources’ Campaign to encourage people to learn more about how to reuse and recycle resources in real life. Working in collaboration with Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, the Group plans to distribute ‘100% Recycle Stops’ to major residential areas across the nation, aiming for 100% recycling of the disposed matters. Also funded by the Group’s employees raising 100 million won by holding voluntary ‘:D-style Walking Campaign,’ the Campaign proves the Group’s willingness to raise awareness of recycling and encourage people to more actively take part in recycling in their lives.


‘Love Environment, Love Life’ Campaign for young adults

Encouraging the middle school students who want to become an environment expert, Dong-A Socio Group has held annual ‘Love Environment, Love Life’ Campaign starting 2005. In the 5-day campaign, young adults learn what the environment can do for them spending time in the wild, while retreating themselves from the intense competition.

Writing Contest ‘Marronnier’ for female writers

Hosted by Arts Council Korea Since 1983 and sponsored by Sooseok Culture Foundation (a Dong-A foundation), Dong-A Pharmaceutical, Dong-A ST, and Dong-A Socio Holdings for the rise of female writers, the Contest announces winners, runner-ups and participation awardees in three different categories – poetry, essay and juvenile literature. In 2023, the Contest’s 40th anniversary was celebrated at the Marronnier Park in Seoul, Korea where 535 talented female writers took part.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical Corporate Volunteer Activities Series
Sponsorship to Arts and Culture Volunteer Team “Merry”

To encourage volunteers and support arts and culture communities, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has sponsored “Merry,” an arts and culture volunteer team, since 2020 and funded the Team’s voluntary and charity performance programs. In collaboration Korea Mecenat Association, Merry has planned numerous arts and culture performance programs that promote cultural diversities and social integration among children, young adults, citizens and the communities.

Sales Donation - Tempo Natural Cotton Pad

Recipients of Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s sales donation program for Tempo Natural Cotton Pad are girls from low-income families who are at the risk of period poverty.

In collaboration with G-Foundation, a volunteer group supplying goods to girls living in villages in the mountains, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has sponsored supply of goods on an annual basis since 2021.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical entered into a memorandum with Sangju municipal government to supply goods to girls living in the city.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical entered into a memorandum with Dongdaemun-gu municipal government to supply goods to a total of fourteen volunteer groups helping girls in need.

One Company-One Army Camp Program

The Group’s One Company-One Army Camp Program sponsors the ROK Army bootcamp, Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon, The 51st Infantry Division, The Dong-Myung Unit in Lebanon, and Seoul Metropolitan Police the Third Squad by hosting consolation visit programs, civil-army collaboration event and, more importantly to soldiers, free bottles of Bacchus at the end of a march.

Sooseok Culture Foundation

An expansion of Sooseok Scholarship (established on May 13, 1987) in 1998 at its 60th anniversary, Sooseok Culture Foundation has supported academically talented, sound-minded students recommended by the high school principals and college deans. As of 2022, 1,967 different students received a total of 3.9 billion Korean won as scholarships, which represents only few the Foundation has contributed back to the society by conferring Hamchun Dong-A Medical Award and ‘Gold Tower’ Pharmaceutical Award and sponsoring the writing contest ‘Marronnier’ for female writers.

Sangju Academic Foundation

Since its first 6-class school decorated with the school florae of magnolia and pine tree established in 1954 to grow talents who ‘Learn Right and Live Honest,’ the Foundation took a bold step forward in the age of the former Chairman Kang Joong-hee (chaired in 1964) and the Group’s honorary chairman Kang Shin-ho (chaired in 1977) and has made its high school (Sangju High School) one of the most prominent high schools in the nation’s southeastern area. Focusing on both talent growth and humanistic education, the Foundation teams up the faculties to help students hone their creative talents, which the Foundation believes a sure way to contribute back to the local society.


Volunteer in the Time of the Pandemic - :D-style Walking

In collaboration with bigWalk, a charity miles mobile application, the employees of Dong-A Socio Holdings held themselves ‘:D-style Walking’ campaign since 2021 to continue volunteering in the time of the pandemic while improving their health. With more than 4,983 employees took part in this biennial campaign as of 2023, the Group has donated the funds to volunteer programs that meet The 17 Goals of United Nations Sustainable Development Group.

‘Wednesdays with Bacchus’ Campaign

Since 2017, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has donated its signature energy drink Bacchus to visitors to a senior welfare center (Dongdaemun Senior Welfare Center) at lunchtime.

‘Live Together’ Campaign

This annual campaign teams up each Dong-A Socio Group employee and an adult individual with a developmental disability to give the handicapped people an opportunity to go outside, as part of an effort to socially integrate and embrace handicapped people. Highlighting the campaign were its first program in 2018 to team up and visit the sites of 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang and visiting amusement parks in 2019.

Wall-painting Program

Since 2019, the employees of Dong-A Socio Group took part in voluntary wall painting at crime-ridden streets in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul to help make places more comfortable and safe.

‘Share Your Love’ Bazaar

Since 2009, Dong-A Socio Group joined the voluntary citizens from the local society to hold a charity bazaar where consumers buy the Group companies’ products cheaper and the local welfare society is funded to help low-income families and vulnerable group of people out.

‘Even Paths for All’ Campaign

A multi-party campaign courtesy of Dong-A Pharmaceutical, Dong-A ST, Dongdaemun Welfare Center for the Handicapped and Dongdaemun-gu Pharmacy Association made pharmacies in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul more accessible to the wheelchair-bound people and people with mobility disorder, encouraging them to pay visits to the local pharmacies and improve their health.

‘Break Your Fast’ Campaign

In collaboration with Dongbu District Office of Education in Seoul, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has served breakfast, oral care products and health functional foods to the children, students and young adults living in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul to help prevent them from going school without a meal.