Environmental Management

Controlling the companies’ impact on the environment to the minimum, Dong-A Socio Group strictly complies with the governing rules and regulations while reinforcing its environmental management systems and expanding environment-related budgets.

  • Strategies and Systems

    Raising the employees’ awareness on the environmental issues that matter around the world -- like climate change and air pollution -- Dong-A Socio Group has systematically responded to some of the most critical causes that harm the environment, such as energy use, greenhouse gas emission, waste reduction, based on ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

  • Policies
    Environmental Management Practices
    • Building “Green Environment”/ Procurement
    • Environmental Management Campaigns
    Securing Engine of Growth in Environmental Management
    • Fostering Green Growth Strategies
    • Investing in Green Growth
    1. Inspecting its internal Environmental Management System and putting priority on environmental affairs at corporate management levels,
      Dong-A Socio Group as a corporate group stays responsible for taking care of and controlling environmental risks arising from the subsidiaries’ businesses and has everyone across the globe cared.
    2. Dong-A Socio Group clearly defines environmental management objectives and spares no resources in working its best to attain such objectives.
    3. Dong-A Socio Group stays in compliance with the governing international conventions, local laws and regulations,
      and agreements with contract counterparties on a mater of environment.
    4. Dong-A Socio Group encourages its executives and employees to take part in environmental management operations,
      attain the related objectives, and enroll in periodical training and education to prevent pollution and preserve environment.
    5. Dong-A Socio Group makes available its environmental management policies to anyone who needs them. (Homepage)
Environmental Objectives
  • Minimal use of papers
  • Encouraged use of renewable energy sources
  • Zero use of plastics
  • Encouraged use of eco-friendly resources
  • Working in company with environmentally friendly vendors
  • Organizations

    Minimizing the environmental impacts that arise from its management activities, Dong-A Socio Group and its Environmental Management Committee has engaged in various activities that help preserve the environment. Starting 2023, Dong-A Socio Group has ensured some of its core companies including Dong-A Socio Holdings, Dong-A ST and Dong-A Pharmaceutical to establish their own Environmental Management System where policies and objectives are defined more clearly for each such company.

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  • Environmental Management System Operations

    Dong-A Socio Group has established certified company-level Environmental Management Systems at Dong-A ST, Dong-A Pharmaceutical, STgen Bio, Dong-A Otsuka and Yongma Logis. Dong-A Socio Group is now working on ensuring such Environmental Management Systems up-to-date at Dong-A Socio Holdings, Dong-A ST and Dong-A Pharmaceutical (Headquarter Section) to further systematize their environmental management strategies. Doing so, Dong-A Socio Group is establishing company-level organizations for such Environmental Management Systems, and granting each such company rights and responsibilities to attain performance objectives.