CSR Strategies and Operation Systems

To 'grow together’ with everyone comprising the society, Dong-A Socio Group stays true to its corporate social responsibilities and contribute back to not only the stakeholders, but the whole society.

Strategies and Systems

Under its social contribution vision ‘Grow Together,’ Dong-A Socio Group stays responsible for the corporate social responsibilities by contributing back to the society in the domain of healthcare, humanity, environment and local society. The Group’s social contribution is driven by the employees’ voluntary attitudes as their activities towards the sustainable future not only creates added values from the business’ perspective, but help the society resolve varied problems of environment and human problems.


Serve the world as a healthcare group for human health and well-being.


To stay true to the corporate social responsibilities, add values to the society and achieve sustainable management

The CSR Initiative

Dong-A as a responsible member of the society

  • Health For human health and well-being
  • Human For growth of talents
  • Environment For sustainable co-existence of the human and the environment
  • Local Society For growth of both company and the society