Supply Chain Management

Dong-A Socio Group knows treating suppliers better eventually pays off as it carefully, thoroughly manages suppliers from the ESG's perspective for sustainability’s sake.

Strategies and Systems

Dong-A Socio Group knows its social responsibilities also lies in working in company with the suppliers and the importance of maintaining a sustainable supply chain. Establishing its first supply chain management process in 2022, the Group has defined the scope of outsourcing for each service and product it serves, enacting and proclaiming the Supplier Code of Conduct for supplier management, periodically assessing risks the supply chain is exposed to, providing checklists to suppliers for self-assessment of their anti-bribery systems, human rights policies, labor practices and environment-friendliness, and keeping all suppliers educated and under the Group’s supervision by the annual due diligence processes to stay jointly responsible for the society.


Enactment and Making Public Supplier Code of Conduct


Scope of outsourcing for important products and services


Assessment of risks the supply chain is exposed to


Supervisory due diligenceGo to Self-assessment by Vendor


Monitoring and education

Supply Chain Management System

Supply Chain ESG Risk Management
Identification and Management of Supply Chain Management Risks
Management for 'Co-existence'
Periodical monitoring and training & education for important suppliers
Managing supply chain from ESG's perspective
Self-assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to help suppliers to stay in compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct

Defining and Identifying the Scope of Supply Chain Management

The scope of supplier management varies from business to business, and from one Dong-A company to the other, categorizing the suppliers as follows:

Core suppliers

Large-scale suppliers in terms of annual purchases, suppliers of key resources, and irreplaceable suppliers that have more impact to the Group than other suppliers

General suppliers

Suppliers not otherwise falling under important supplier criteria, but possibly impact the Group’s businesses

ESG Assessment Processes in Supply Chain Management

Dong-A Socio Group has each Dong-A company assess the suppliers based on not only the supply track records - meaning compliance with the delivery schedules and service agility - and credit ratings, but also from the perspective of ESG before registering them as an official supplier.

Assessment from General Procurement Perspective
Supply Track Record
Assessment from ESG's Perspective
Anti-corruption management systems
Human rights policies & Labor practices

Supplier Code of Conduct

As part of the Group’s effort to ‘co-exist’ with the supplier, the Supplier Code of Conduct was enacted by Dong-A Socio Group to guide the suppliers’ operations regarding anti-bribery, human rights, labor practices and environment-friendliness.

Supplier Code of Conduct - Korean PDF
Supplier Code of Conduct - English PDF