Dong-A Socio Group
Dong-A Socio Group holds 'the 87th Anniversary Ceremony of Founding'.

On November 29, Dong-A Socio Group announced that the group held a founding ceremony on the 7F auditorium of Yongdu-dong Headquarters in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul to commemorate the 86th anniversary of its founding.

Representatives and executives from Dong-A Socio Holdings, Dong-A ST, and Dong-A Pharm attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony, awards were given for long-term and meritorious employees. Managing Director Kim Poong-kook of the Human Resources Development Center of Dong-A Socio Holdings and thirteen other employees received the 30-year employment award. General Manager Kim Yoon-gyeong of the Distribution Management Office in the Business Management Division of Dong-A ST and thirty-five others received the 20-year employment award. Senior Researcher Cho Young-woong of the Brand Research Team at the Development Strategy Laboratory of Dong-A Pharm and ninety-three others received the 10-Year employment award.

In addition, Deputy General Manager Park Hee-bong and twenty-four other employees of the Marketing Team of the Medical Business Division of Dong-A ST received the individual achievement awards; the Anti-Corruption Committee and seven other teams of Dong-A Socio Holdings received the team achievement awards; Manager Kim Cheol-ho of the Production Support Team of Dong-A ST Cheonan Factory received the best suggestion award; Park Yong-seok and eight other members of Anyang OTC Team 2 of Dong-A Pharm Gyeonggi-Gangwon Region received the best and good challenges and success case awards; Director Choi Gyeong-eun and five others in the Quality Management Office of Dong-A Socio Holdings, individually and as a team, received the creativity award; and Gang Won-myeong and seventeen other members of the CAP Production Team of the Sooseok Production Division of Dangjin Factory received the core value awards.

In the congratulatory message, President Han Jong-hyun of Dong-A Socio Holdings said, “I would like to thank all of our employees who have worked so hard for the company as well as the audience who have come here today to congratulate us on the founding of the company. I hope that this gathering will afford us a little time to think about how we should work and towards what goals. We must continue to develop excellent medicines and uphold our commitment to improving human health human health and well-being.”

“Your happiness is important as much as the company's development; and the company is a place where you can promote happiness with the people around you.” He concluded his speech by saying, “Praising and encouraging each other to perform your jobs well will lead to better companionship and better achievements in the workplace.”

Since its establishment on December 1, 1932, Dong-A Socio Group has been contributing to the nation's health by leading the growth and development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. In March 2013, the group transitioned to a structure of the holding company to grow beyond the domestic market to become a global pharmaceutical company. Focused on a holding company ‘Dong-A Socio Holdings’, ‘Dong-A ST’ in charge of ETC drug business and ‘Dong-A Pharm’ in charge of OTC drug business strive for the health and happiness of mankind.

To commemoration of the 87th anniversary of its founding, Dong-A Socio Group held the love-sharing campaign ‘Grow Together’ throughout the month of November in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and the value of sharing and to give something back to the community that has helped Dong-A Socio Group to grow. Dong-A Socio Group employees nationwide voluntarily conducted social contribution activities such as environmental cleanup, making cakes of love, briquette delivery, and kimchi making services.