Dong-A Socio Group
Dong-A Socio Group holds the kick-off meeting for the year 2020: “Let's be leaders in our respective

On the morning of January 2, Dong-A Socio Group held 2020 New Year's kick-off meeting at the 7F auditorium of the headquarters building with many employees and executives, including President Han Jong-hyun of Dong-A Socio Holdings, Chairman Eom Dae-sig of Dong-A ST, and President Choi Ho-jin of Dong-A Pharm, in attendance.

The kick-off meeting included a screening of video records of employees' social contribution activities performed in celebration of the company's 87th anniversary last year and a New Year’s greeting speech.

The social contribution video covered a wide range of volunteer activities, including the briquette delivery, free meal provision, environmental cleanup, daycare, and nursing home services provided by 1,000 employees of 13 company subsidiaries and affiliates, including Dong-A Socio Holdings, Dong-A ST, Dong-A Pharm, DM Bio, Yongma Logistics, and Dongcheonsu. Everyone who attended the kick-off meeting had a meaningful time watching video recordings of the social contribution activities in which they had participated together.

In his New Year's speech, President Han Jong-hyun of Dong-A Socio Holdings said, “You must strive to become leaders in your respective fields, identify problems, and challenge yourself to solve them. To grow as a true leader, you should be able to encourage and help others who are in difficulty, in addition to solving challenging problems.”

He also urged the employees of Dong-A Socio Group to make all-out efforts to maintain their righteousness in all areas, including society, economy, and environment, and practice sustainable management, a duty with which all companies should comply.

To wrap up the ceremony, President Han encouraged the employees saying, “It’s up to you to light the embers of passion for your work so they burst into flames. I sincerely hope that this year will be a year for putting your plans into action and complimenting each other on your accomplishments at the end of the year.”

The year 2019 saw Dong-A Socio Group make a major leap toward becoming a globally competitive company on the basis of its ethical management practices.