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Dong-A Socio Holdings holds the opening and closing ceremony of Dong-A Mentoring, its new employee..

On June 13, 2019, Dong-A Socio Holdings (President Han Jong-Hyun) announced that the company held a ceremony of the early adaptation program for new employees called ‘Dong-A Mentoring’ at the auditorium of Yongdu-dong Headquarters in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul.

President Han Jong-hyun of Dong-A Socio Holdings and 3 best/good mentoring couples from the 18th Dong-A Mentoring, and 62 couples of the 19th Dong-A Mentoring attended the ceremony.

The event began with a screening of activity videos of participants in the 18th mentorship program with the aim of sharing mentoring roles and best practices, followed by an awards ceremony and testimonials for the ‘best’ and ‘good’ couples of the 18th mentorship program, the swearing of an oath by the participants in the 19th mentorship program, words of encouragement delivered by President Han Jong-hyun of Dong-A Socio Holdings, and the presentation of mentoring certificates.

Since 2010, Dong-A Socio Group has been providing Dong-A Mentoring to organize in-house network of new employees in Dong-A Socio Holdings, Dong-A ST, and Dong-A Pharm for stable settlement and adaptation to organizational culture. A total of 894 mentors and 910 mentees have participated in the program to date (as of the 18th mentorship program).

Under the Dong-A Mentoring program each mentor (senior) is paired with a mentee (new employee) for six months in order to transmit the desired work attitude and business know-how and to participate in various activities including volunteer work and cultural performances autonomously. The mentors and mentees participate in various social contribution activities including amusement park outings with developmentally disabled persons and a mural drawing campaign.

Jeong Min-jae of Dong-A ST, who was selected as one of a good mentoring couple in the 18th mentorship program, said, “Discussing with and getting advice from my mentor about the concerns and issues I have at work has helped me greatly. I will use what I've learned from my mentor as a stepping stone to my future development into a reliable mentor like mine.”

An executive of Dong-A Socio Holdings said, “We hope that our mentoring program will allow mentees and mentors to understand each other and grow together. The company will not hesitate to provide all the support our new employees need for their fast adaptation and growth.”